Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Jet Set

This is going to be my last post before I leave on my big trip for this year. It's going to involve something like 13 flights before I'm back in Alaer. I made a map for anyone who is curious where exactly I am going and I think it's a good last image to leave here before I get back. Well happy new year to everyone and I'll be back in March.

Saturday, January 1, 2011


I recently did finals with all my classes which went more or less well. For most of my classes the final exams were just short discussions on a topic with each student. There are better and worse students at this but the only real problem comes when a student freezes up totally and won't say a single word. Luckily this only happened about four times across all my classes. In my listening class I came up with another test but I think the average score is really really low so I'm going to have to grade it on a massive curve or something. None of this was so shocking though what was really funny is that I'm pretty sure one student tried bribe me. He was the only one in my beginner class to freeze up, which isn't great but given how the school hates having us fail students I was just going to give him a minimum passing grade. He showed up again though after I was done with all the finals for his class so I thought he wanted to try again, which actually would have been great. But once again he couldn't so much as get out a single sentence, but he did try to shove a bag into my hands with some sort of "Merry Christmas," note. I know it wasn't anything like that actually since he falls asleep constantly in class, and is in general very uninterested in class. I'm 99% sure he was attempting to bribe me. I just told him no a couple of times and eventually got out of there without him following. Very odd but now at least I can say that even bribery doesn't work in my class.